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Behind The Doors Of An All Female Prison
The guards have a new form of interrogation to get inmates to talk. Maria witnessed a crime and would not tell who commited it. She was brought into a jail cell, stripped down, and forced over the bed. The guard then gave her one more chance to speak. She refused. The guard then ordered another inmate to put a strap on dildo and fuck Maria in the ass!
While Patricia was sleeping her cellmate stole her food. In jail food is the main currency used to trade for other food and cigarettes. Michelle catches her roommate stealing her food and starts to punish her by spanking her ass. She then orders her to pay her back for the stolen food. Since she already ate the food she is forced to pay her back with sexual favors!

Medical Fetish
Kristy is visiting the gynecologist for the first time. Since it is her first visit he wants to give her a very thorough exam. He checks her entire body including a vaginal and rectal exam. He also checks her temperature rectally.
Lauri is going away to college, and needs to have a physical exam before she goes. She has not had a complete exam in many years so the Doctor must be thorough to check her entire body. She has all of her vitals checked, including a complete gynecology exam. He even lubricates his fingers and checks her ass.
Airport securty is very strict. If a drug dog happens to pull you out of line you are in for a very strict body search. That's exactally what happens to Karen. She was going back to school after her Spring Break, and decided to bring back some of the local drugs. After she is pulled out of line, she is taken into the security room and stripped. She was not cooperating with security so she was handcuffed. Watch as she receives a vaginal and rectal exam until the illegal drugs are found

Prison Sex - Spanking - Ass Licking - Doctors Medical Exams

Ass Licking Babes
Watch lesbians finger fuck each others tight pink assholes. Then after they are done fingering each other, they take turns licking and sucking each others asses. We have some of the most exclusive ass licking content on the net! Our movies are full length and have tons of upclose ass licking shots!
Kristen and Jenny have been chosen to be roommates together at their first year of college. Watch how they become "aquainted" with each other. They take turns licking and sucking on each others tight pink tushy holes.

Spanked Babes
Jenny snuck out back to take a cigarette break from her studying. Unknown to her, her father was busy working in the garage. He smelled the cigarette smoke and caught Jenny smoking. He is very strict, and smoking is against their family rules. He tells her she is going to be punished for breaking one of the house rules. He takes Jenny, pulls down her panties and gives her a very hard over the knee spanking
Falling asleep in Mrs. Johnson's class has major consequences. Mrs. Johnson wakes up Mary and Mary is quick to tell her she is sick, but Mrs. Johnson doesn't believe her. The class is shocked as Mrs. Johnson takes out a thermometer and checks Mary's temperature rectally in front of the entire class. When her temperature comes back normal, Mrs. Johnson has a hard spanking to give her for punishment. Watch Mary get punished and humilated in front of the entire class
Jessica was chatting away while her teacher was talking. Talking in Mrs. Johnson's Class has strict consequences. In the middle of Jessica's side conversation, Mrs. Johnson grabs Jessica's face. "You must be sick to talk while I am trying to teach" Mrs. Johnson screamed at Jessica. She grabed her and brought her in front of the class. The class gasped as Mrs. Johnson stripped Jessica down and bent her over the desk. "Class" She said, "This is what happens if you talk in my class". She pulled out a rectal thermometer, and stuck it deep in Jessica's ass.

Sleeping Babes
Kristen is bisexual and has a huge crush on her roommate Kim. Kim wants nothing to do with Kristen.One day after work Kristen happened to find Kim sound asleep on the couch. Seeing Kim sleeping turned Kristen on so much, she knew she had to take advantage of this situation. She quietly pulled down her panties exposing Kim's tight asshole.
John always fantasized about his best friend's sister. Jessica was 18 years old and a cheerleader for their school's football team. He dropped by his friends house to visit, but no one was home. He happened to walk past Jessica's room to see her sleeping in bed. He knew this was a chance to get a better look at her sexy body. He slowly pulled back the covers exposing her tight ass.
Aly was having her best friend Melissa sleep over for her birthday. Unknown to Melissa, she was going to be the present. Aly and Melissa went to the bar to hang out with guys and drink a little. After they got back and being a little drunk, Melissa fell asleep. Aly was now ready for her gift! She lifted up Melissa's shirt exposing her nipples.


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