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Behind The Doors Of An All Lesbian Prison

Sara was in her cell when one of the lesbian prison guards entered her cell. She was ordered to strip down and put on her prison uniform. At first she refused, but the guard forced her. She was then put down to the ground and handcuffed behind her back. Watch as she is abused by the prison guard!

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The guards have a new form of interrogation to get inmates to talk. Maria witnessed a crime and would not tell who commited it. She was brought into a jail cell, stripped down, and forced over the bed. The guard then gave her one more chance to speak. She refused. The guard then ordered another inmate to put a strap on dildo and fuck Maria in the ass!
Kim was arrested and brought down to the prison holding cell. After the detective arrived, she brought Kim into the main office for an entire humiliating strip and cavity search. Kim is stripped down and has her asshole spread and poked. She is then handcuffed and put back into the holding cell!
Gina was sleeping in her cell when another prisoner entered her area. Gina's cell was left unlocked and the other inmate decided to have a little fun with her. She pulled Gina out of her cell and handcuffed her to the bars. She then stripped her down and gave her a hard belting. Next, she put on a strapon dildo and proceeded to fuck Gina hard in her ass!
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Anal Boarding School

Holly and Kristen met with their teacher after school for private lessons on proper anal insertions. Kristen and Holly have been practicing the puck and release technique and they wanted to show their teacher their progress! Watch as Holly takes a large five inch vibrator deep into her ass!

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Spanked School Girls

Mrs. Johnson has warned Becky on her second tardiness that if she is late one more time she will be punished. As Becky tries to sneak into class on her 3rd tardiness, Mrs. Johnson catches her. She calls Becky to the front of the class and orders her to turn around. To the shocked class, Mrs. Johnson pulls down Becky's panties and bends her over her lap. Watch the expression of the other classmates as Becky is given a bare bottom spanking in front of the entire class!

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The Doctor At Work

Kristy is visiting the gynecologist for the first time. Since it is her first visit he wants to give her a very thorough exam. He checks her entire body including a vaginal and rectal exam. He also checks her temperature rectally.

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Cristina and Samantha are best friends who just happen to be secret lovers. Watch them take turns removing each others clothing, pulling down each others thongs, and licking each others tight pink assholes.

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Sleepy Girls

John always fantasized about his best friend's sister. Jessica was 18 years old and a cheerleader for their school's football team. He dropped by his friends house to visit, but no one was home. He happened to walk past Jessica's room to see her sleeping in bed. He knew this was a chance to get a better look at her sexy body. He slowly pulled back the covers exposing her tight ass.

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Her boss decides to punish her for not completing the work. She pulls out a strapon and puts it on. She then forces Holly to suck on it before bending her over and fucking her in the ass!
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She forced it into his mouth and made him suck on it. After getting it nice and lubricated he attached it to a strap on, and fucked him extremely hard in the ass!
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The Sado Swamp
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